We Need You!
Bonneville County Democratic Central Committee
has openings in various precincts for PRECINCT CAPTAIN.

What do they do?  The Precinct Captains are the backbone of our party.  They constitute the Board of Directors, or Central Committee, for the local Democratic Party here in Bonneville County.  If you want a voice in the next election, this post will provide it.  Precinct Captains elect the Central Committee officers and the Legislative District Chairs that lead our efforts, and they are the ones that have a vote in deciding our planning, strategies, and activities locally.

As a Precinct Captain we would also ask you to get to know your neighbors and help update our records of eligible voters in your neighborhood.  Currently we are experiencing large numbers of people moving in and out of our local neighborhoods, making it difficult to maintain accurate records.  You may collect some ‘straw poll’ information from time to time as you talk with your neighbors.   This involves some door-to-door canvassing and some telephone time.  We will show you how, and it can be fun.  You will learn who lives at each address, are they registered to vote, what their ‘take’ is on the issues. You will invite those interested to become more involved in Party activities.

The Precinct Captain’s job DOES NOT require campaigning for any candidate, issue, or cause.  Many do, but that is a different job from being a Precinct Captain.

Who can be a Precinct Captain?  Precinct Captains must be a registered voter in the precinct they represent.

I don’t know what to do.  Bonneville County Central Committee will be hosting Precinct training classes where we will show you how to do a great job.  All you need is a few hours a month, and your naturally friendly personality.

How can I become a Precinct Captain?  Precinct Captains are either elected within their precinct during a general primary election, held in May in even numbered years; or they are appointed during the interim.  Either way you start out by volunteering?

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